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Monday, March 16, 2009

Uncle's personal touch - Succulent meat and fresh seafood grilled

Succulent meat and fresh seafood grilled to perfection Charcoal-grilled food holds a unique charm, as foodles reckon meat tastes better after going through the flame.Ronnie Wong of Uncle R'Restaurant could not agree more.

"Although it's time consuming and not veryeconomical to do charcoal-grill, 1 insist on doing it as it is something different.

"It brings out the flavour of the food," he said.

Wong was handling tbnd preparation for his church functions for years until someone suggested about two years ago that he starts his own restaurant.

"I thought and prayed about it, and finally opened a small restaurant with just five tables, serving charcoal-grilled Western food," he said. Business flourished and he shifted to a bigger shop, which can house about 70 diners.

The decor of his restaurant is simple and yet cosy, with a stainless steel pit standing outside the shop to charcoal-grill the orders.

"Some customers insist that 1 personally prepare their food. Even if I am out on errands, I return to fulfil their requests.

"It is important to control the fire well to make sure that the meat is not overcooked outside or undercooked inside," he said.

It is evident that Wong takes great pride in each and every dish available on the menu.
"Customers often ask me.What's your best item? My answer has always been the same - All are good," he said.

The choices include charcoal-grilled lamb, beef. chicken, chicken cheese sausages, cod fish, salmon and squid.

The mixed grill consists of lamb beef and chicken.
The meat is drenched in thick gravy - regular or black pepper - while the seafood Is covered with flied minced garlic and boney lemon sauce.

Each dish comes accompanied by charcoaled-grilled potato and garlic bread, lettuce and tomatoes or coleslaw.

Like other restaurateurs who guard their recipes jealously, Wong is secrenve about his homemade gravy.

"I make the gravy myself with about 12 or 13 ingredients. All 1 can tell you is. it contains oyster sauce, brown sauce powder, assorted vegetables and herbs. Most people love it and l always keep on experimenting to improve the taste." he said.

Wong added that he got the lamb from New Zealand. cod and salmon from Europe and currently, his supply of beef comes from Argentina.

My food is priced very reasonably, from RM9 until RM19,50, With Uncle R, everybody can afford charcoal-grilled Western rood." be said.

Adding some variety m the menu are spaghetti and combo sets comprising lamb or chicken, rice and egg.

"My spaghetti recipe comes from my daughter, who now resides in England," Wong said proudly.
For side orders, there are cream of mushroom, coleslaw salad, grilled-flied egg, masted potatoes and garlic bread.

"I added flesh mushroom to my cream of mushroom, and it is served with two slices of charcoal-grilled garlic bread," Wong said.

At Uncle R', drinks are good value for money too. For instance, a small glass of iced cincau is priced at RM1 while a giant-sized one is at RM3.

"I try to put my price low. You can have a meal here with just RM10," Wong said.
He added that special arrangement for whole lamb could also be made with prior appointments.
"I have many repeated customers and their support never fails to encourage me," he said.

UNCLE R', 49, Jalan Radin Anum Satu, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 016-2712070). Business Hours: (Monday to Saturday) noon - midnight, (Sunday) 4pro - midnight. Closed on Tuesdays. Pork-free.

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