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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fine wine to go with the food - Dinner serves to introduce winery to Malaysia

Fine wine to go with the food
Dinner serves to introduce winery to Malaysia

FOR centuries, wine producers have used whatever techniques they had at their disposal to adapt to the tastes of the consumers of the time.

Perfection is sought in every aspect of the process, in which modernity, experience and tradition all play a part and nothing is left to chance.

"Every little job performed by the Mallets is done for the same reason," said Hugues Mallet of Chateau Haut-Maco, which produces wines from the heart of the Cotes de Bouts appellation in the Bordeaux region,

The estate has been a family vineyard for four generations and is today under the management of Hugues and his sister Anne who inherited the property from their father Bernard Mallet.

The Chateau Haut-Maco label, which is making its first inroads into Asia and Malaysia, can lay claim to be the first iff the region to experience this new generation of wines,

Since the early 1970s, the natural balance of the wines is maintained year on year and, during each winter, the vines are pruned accordins to the "guyot double" method, which is the first step in determining the yields.

Hugues and sommelier and restaurant owner Sebastian Le Francois recently introduced the label at a wine dinner at La Terrasse,

Hugues kept the guests captivated with his sleek preview of the four labels complemented by a hearty four-course dinner.

Before each course is served, Le Francois would attract the attention of the guests by clinking wine glasses and Hugues would then give a little background on the label.

The first course on the list was the Pate De Pate Prescopf (Pork Brawn Ten'Joe and Green Salad), pork meat mixed with boiled gelatine then cooled and served with green salad and complimented by the Chateau Haut Maco 2006 Clainet, a combination of mainly red wine and a little bit of white wine

"The quality of the wine comes, above all, from the quality of grapes in the vineyards and the soil in which the vines are planted," Hugues said.

The second course of Bisque De Crevettes (Prawn Bisque) was served with the Chateau Haut Maco 2003, a red wine with a light and pleasant taste.

The Boeuf Bourguignon De La Ville Hamon (Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce) was complemented by the Chateau Haut Maco 2001 Cuvee Jean Bernard, the pride of the Haut Maco vineyard.
Hugues said the average production of this label was only 22,000 bottles per year to maintain its exclusivity in remembrance of the Mallet brothers, Jean and Bernard, who previously operated the property in the 1970s.

Dessert for the evening was the Gateau ? Chocolat Et Sa Glace Vanille (Chocolate Cal and Vanilla Ice Cream) with the Chateau Hal Cremant De Bordeaux.
Like the cake, the wine had a specific blen aged in vats and in two to three-year-old ba rels for five to eight months depending on the year. The wines are enjoyed by people wt appreciate the typical suppIeness.

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