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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Malaysian Flavours for Ramadan

Club offers food from the various states

FOURTEEN main courses each reflecting the best of each state in Malaysia is what the Botanic Resort Club offers customers for Ramadhan.

Dishes such as Asam Pedas Melaka, RendangTok Perak, Otak Otak Muar (Johor), lkan Rakar Muara (Selangor), Patin Masak Tempeyak Kuaia lJpis (Pahang) to Rojak Peaang are among some 50 mouth-watering dishes available at the coffee house of the club at Bandar Botanic in Klang.

“We wanted to offer our customers something special and came up with this idea of offering at least one dish from each of the states," said the chief chef of the five-month-old club Mohd Azmi Saad.

Azmi said the club's spread was divided into five sections, salad corner, soup, hot and spicy items and stall concept.

Five types of Malaysian ulam like pickles, kerabu taugeh, kerabu pemt, kerabu ayam, budu, tempoyak, clncalu and sambai belacan are available at the salad comer, said Azmi.

He said nasi arab, nasi petih, karl kepala ikan utara, patin masak tempoyak Kuala Lipis, asam pedas Melaka, kambing masak kicap, pajeri nenas and daging bamia are among the dishes offered.

"The stalls serve items like ayam percik RampongJawa, rendang hati lembu, otak-otak, curry laksa, murtabek, satay, roti pisang, roti telur, sotong kangkung rebus and more.

For desert, Azmi said they offered a wide range of items such as ice kacang cendol, glutinous rice, ice cream, local cakes such as kuih lapis, serl muka, ondeh ondeh, kuih talam, tepung peria, aneka bubur kacang, pulut hitam and bubur cha-cha.

"We also have fried cempedak, jackfruit, bananas and tapioca.

“Two types of soups are available while fruit juice, cordial drinks, soya bean, sugar cane and tab tarik are available at the beverage section," he added

Club food and beverage manager Shaharuddin Mokhtar said the Ramadan spread would he available from Sept 22.

"We are offering the buffet at a promotion price of RM30 per person for members and RM35 per non member," he said, adding that they also served western and local food.

For enquiries and reservations, call Shaharuddin at 016-219-2169 or 03-33233398.

Botanic Resort Club is at No 1, Jalan Ambang Botanic, Bandar Botanic, Klang

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Good Ramadhan months will always be cherished by muslims around the world. Can't wait foe next ramadhan to come