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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Specially packaged mooncakes in wooden baskets

Exquisite packaging

SINCE introducing its specially packaged mooncakes in wooden baskets in 2002, Hei Yuet Thong has left a beautiful impression in everyone's mind.

This year, these packages come in gorgeous autumn colours, following its “Autumn" theme. Its seasonal products come with names like Autumn Romance, Classical Autumn and Autumn Temptation, and they have become the favourites of many. The lovely packages are best given as presents to friends and relatives, or even kept as a collection.

Autumn Temptation features the style of traditional wooden baskets. Enhanced with additional drawers and incorporated with a tinge of Chinese and Japanese designs, Autumn Temptation has been the top serler since its debut.

The design of Classical Autumn looks a little like a makeup box as it's equipped with multiple layers of pink and blue drawers that suit the romantic autumn season.

Hei Yuet Thong has always been creative in marketing its mooncakes. For example, the traditional egg yolk stuffing has been substituted with rice cake (omochi) to suit the tastes of today's health-conscious customers.

The brand new “Yielding Texture, Tender Taste” series such as Chestnut Omochi, Kimchi Omochi, Papaya Milk omochi and Chocolate Omochi moon- cakes guarantee satisfaction with every bite.

The tender outer layers of omochis are imported from Taiwan. The mooncakes are also low in sugar and fat. Hei Yuet Thong's products can be stored in normal temperature.

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