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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Italian Sparklers

WHEN you meet a stranger wen personality and an amiable character spelling out a promise of friendship. you will not let the chance fly by, would you? Of course not. life's way too short. You would mentally summon all the elements of the universe to help the friendship bloom.

It is no different with wines that carry such a promise. It was a terribly wet evening and I, along with a group of wine enthusiasts. got together anticipating the arrival of a sprightly wine from me Lombardy region, north of Italy. Or to make It more familiar, it's where Milan is.

As the excitement climaxed and patience was he longer abated, a faint glint of pale gold hinted an arrival.

Introduced simply as Cuvee Prestige from the vineyards of Ca'del Bosco which loosely translated means 'house of the forest', the pale gold liquid infused with millions of bubbles, sparkled and charmed us with its refreshing summer berry notes and hints of buttery caramel mat quickly erases the slightest tones of bitter.

Masculine in character Ca'del Bosco's Cuvee Prestige is the result of blending chardonnay, pinot bianco and pinot nero grapes.

Although 'spumante' or sparkling wine is made all over northern Italy, out Francisco. an area in Lombardy, IS the country's leading producer of soPhisticated dry sparkling wines made using the {French) Champagne method. This is where Cuvee Prestige is conceived annually.

Giving the likes of Mumm and Dom Perignon a run for their money, this one has the capacity to add sparkle to seafood dishes with gentle hints of strength -- oh. the likes of wasabi infused relish or saffron peppered sauce.

Ca'del Bosco also introduced us to the likes of Cuvee Annamaria Clementi 2001, which is it heavyweight sparkler.

Although this is also made from the same grapes, from the same area as Cuvee Prestige, it is aged in oak barrels. Although more distinguished mere was no longer any space in my heart for another after the elegant Cuvee Prestige.

Still. Clementi held its own with a sophisticated rawness that is pungently alcoholic, smoothened by buttery and fruity notes. Each s a will only make you more aware that it is a sparkling white wine that compliments vanilla or truffle infused dishes, so brazenly.

Next was the mesmerizing red Carmenero 2001.

Slipping comfortably under our skins. Carmenero exuded a memorable scent that at once spelled strength and independence.

Perhaps due to its ageing process in oak barrels and malolactic fermentation (acid reduction or 'softening' Process)

Despite the masculine whiff, its flavours were soft and politely oaky with soft tannins and of velvety dark berries that curved up into hints of caramel in its long finish. We were deeply hooked when it gently softened the gamey flavours of duck or any other strong flavoured red meats.

Having been completely satiated, we left the restaurant with new friends in our hearts. As we bade each other 'buena notre', we knew our paths will cross again because it is at Chinoz in KLCC that Ca'del Bosco wines await. Walking away, I remembered thinking, although it is satisfying to turn a stranger into a friend. It IS more astute to discover an amiable wine. At least it is low maintenance! [email protected]

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