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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The baker's choice - its refined taste and superior mooncakes

The baker's choice
KNOWN for its refined taste and superior mooncakes, The Baker's Cottage is proud to unveil this year's delectable mooncakes that will leave you wanting for more.
A reputable bakery that has created popular moencakes over the years, The Baker's Cottage introduces six new flavours for the Cantonese skin mooncakes and three novel flavours for Crystal skin mooncakes.
These mooncakes are all available at The Baker's Cottage outlets nationwide.
Trusted for its use of top grade ingredients and revolutionary techniques, The Baker's Cottage spares no expense when it comes to creating inspiring and adventurous moencake flavours. Each mooncake is a masterpiece in itself as they are all handmade
- no two mooncakes are the same!
The six mouth-watering Cantonese skin mooncakes are the Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie, the Cappuccino Oreo, Green Tea Berries, Low Sugar YamGinkgo, Chocolate
Strawberry Fondue and No Sugar Added White Lotus.
Each has a distinct style and aroma of its own; and the tastes blend well together that they do not overwhelm.
If you're the sort who just can't resist rich flavours, the Toffee Chocolate Walnut Brownie will surely pass the bill. The invigorating smell of toffee and the full-flavoured walnut brownie make the mooncake an absolute indulgence!
The next favourite is the Green Tea Berries that features strawberries, and wrapped in a lightly-scented green tea crust.
For the more health conscious, the No Sugar Added White Lotus uses only premium Hunan lotus seeds in the making of its white lotus paste, which enhances its natural sugar. This mooncake also has a delicious crispy skin.
For the new Crystal skin mooncake flavours, the Tiramisu Truffle reigns with soft, delicious cheese encased in a delectable coffee paste.
Also, try the Multi Grain Low Sugar White Lotus that comes with added nutritious multigrains, and the luxurious Mocha Truffle, a chocolate-and-mocha concoction that's simply heavenly.
The Baker's Cottage also has Premium Gift Sets that customers can enjoy. Choose from the Prosperity Premium Gift Set (exclusive for Jusco JCard members nationwide), the
Happiness Premium Gift Set, Harmony Premium Gift Set, Super Premium Gift Set and the Exclusive Premium Gift Set.
For those who prefer just the basic packaging, there is a choice of one-two- or four-piece boxes for added convenience. All mooncakes by The Baker's Cottage are reasonably priced between RM7 and RMI2.9B per piece.
All Jusce JCard members are enti- tled to 10% discount for all mooncakes until Sept 14.
Not a Jusco JCard holder? Fret not, as all EON Bank credit card holders are rewarded with a 15% discount on their purchase of any four pieces of mooncakes, also until Sept 14 (available at The Baker's Cottage outlets).
The Baker's Cottage has its own instore promotion in all 28 outlets nationwide, too. For any RM10 purchase, customers will be entitled to a 10% discount for any mooncake
purchase (discounted items net applicable).
The Baker's Cottage has also appointed Astro AEC's popular host Jason Yeoh as its Mooncake Ambassador for 2008.
For more information, call The Baker's Cottage's Customer Service hotline at 03-7980 8086 or e-mail [email protected]/.
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