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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

favourite Chinese pastry is now available at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur.

Indulge yourself
EVERYONE'S favourite Chinese pastry is now available at Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur. Until Sept 14, Hotel Nikko is offering 10 variations of mooncakes in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Complete the occasion with delectable mooncakes that will appease your taste buds. The mooncakes are available at The Deli counter (lobby level) and Toh Lee Chinese
Restaurant (level I), priced from RM10 per piece.
Craving for traditional mooncakes? Hotel Nikko has the old favourites: White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk (RMI6 per piece) and White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk (RMI8).
The hotel highly recommends the new addition - White Coffee Paste with Single Yolk (RMI6) - to coffee lovers. Its pleasant coffee aroma distinctively draws you in to indulge in its soft and smooth paste.
Another new addition is the Pandan Paste with Egg Cream and Walnuts, which is sure to entice everyone with its flavoursome pandan taste. It's not surprising to have second (or even third) helpings of this particular mooncake.
These traditional baked mooncakes are available in a box of four.
Relish in mini snow skin mooncakes, available in a box of six. Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant's Dim Sum chef, Chef Lo has created a new family of mini snow skin mooncakes: Green Pea Paste with Curry Flavour (RM10) and White Lotus Paste with
Dried Apple (RMI2).
The Egg Cream with Black Sesame Paste (RMI0) is back due to popular demand, as well as Pandan Paste with Single Egg Yolk (RMI2) and Red Bean Paste with Prunes (RM10),
Hotel Nikko's mooncakes are also available at Mid Valley Megamall till Sept 14.
The Dell opens daily from 10am- 8pro. Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant opens from noon to 2.30pm on weekdays, and Ilam to 2.30pm on weekends and public holidays for lunch, and 6.30pm to 10.30pro daily for dinner.
To order, call 03-2782 6244/6128. Visit for details.
Delectable: Hotel Nikko KL's mooncakes are not just delicious but also come in interesting shapes and eye-catching colours.

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